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The Association of Feng Shui Consultants is an independent, non-profit organisation run on a voluntary basis by a committee elected from the membership.  Established in 2005,  the AFSC® is one of the largest Feng Shui associations in the world. Association membership is open to consultants, students, training institutes and related organisations world wide.

AFSC® members work with residential, small business and commercial projects and are qualified Feng Shui professionals committed to the Association’s Code of Ethics. AFSC® membership denotes a commitment to professionalism and has been developed to maintain, support, educate and share the passion for Feng Shui.

Our dedication to inform and educate the public about Feng Shui and commitment to the ongoing education of our members makes the Association of Feng Shui Consultants one of the world’s leading Feng Shui membership-based organisations, supported by a sophisticated member services system.

We welcome your visit and encourage you to browse our site and participate in our Feng Shui resources.

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Schools listed in the AFSC Directory teach Feng Shui fundamentals in a variety of ways. Our schools offer a variety of programs from comprehensive practitioner certification to weekend workshops to related disciplines.

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The diversity of our Professional members and the perspectives they represent provide you with the opportunity to work with the most talented Feng Shui Consultants in the industry.

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Gain professional recognition and enjoy the many benefits of our dynamic community. Build lasting friendships and amazing network opportunities, with the experts you have admired in our AFSC association!



The AFSC is a dedicated interest group aimed at fostering and supporting the interest and exploration of Feng Shui. 

The AFSC does not favour or endorse any one known interpretation of Feng Shui.  Instead, it is dedicated to allowing all known interpretations of Feng Shui to co-exist alongside each other. Any individual (member or non-member – including a member of the general public) is encouraged to make their own study and research in relation to Feng Shui, so as to know which interpretation will suit their own needs.

The AFSC is not a regulatory body with powers invested to supervise or police Feng Shui practice by independent Professional Members nor is membership of the AFSC or inclusion on the AFSC ‘List of Professional Members’ an endorsement of practice.

However, the AFSC has created a Code of Ethics with the understanding that Professional Members registered on the AFSC ‘List of Professional Members’ will abide by the Code of Ethics.

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