By Vic Ketis

2016, the Chinese year of the Monkey, as with every year, has notable and prominent astrological themes and significances. 2016 sees the 12 year (Jupiter) astrological return to 2004, the beginning of the current ‘Age of 8’. The 12 year cycle is a prominent cycle ruling both the Chinese and Western astrological Zodiac and the domain of Jupiter, the King of the Heavens.

2004 saw many of us involved in Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology being inspired or begun their study at this time or in other areas relating to health, healing, psychology etc. This would have of correlated with a significant change in life direction, either consciously initiated or imposed. You may find that themes, issues and circumstances begun in 2004 are again becoming prominent or being picked up on to be taken to the next phase. There may not be clarity about the next phase as the Year is a 2 which has mystery intrinsic to its meaning.  However great advances can be made and 2016 promises to be just as significant as all the years we have been recently transiting

Earth Trigram – Feng Shui Energy / Kua Number 2

The ruling influence of 2016 in the Feng Shui cycle of Years is the Earth Trigram, a number ‘2,’ or The Kua number 2. This energy is most commonly interpreted in a literal way such as ‘Health problems, obstacles and unfortunately inferences to Cancer and other ailments, with these themes consequently prevalent for the year. I feel this is not necessarily an empowering way to look at an astrological theme and can in some ways be detrimental to those in a vulnerable phase of their lives. It also does not do justice to the enormous complexity and depth of wisdom contained in the themes of each of the archetypes of the Trigrams of the I Ching, which form the basis for building and consequently personal analysis.

The 2 is strongly associated with the Mountain Trigram, the Kua Number 8, thereby taking on added importance in the upcoming year

Consistent with the quest for deeper understanding and meaning of the current era, alternatively we may also read and interpret a trigram in a psychological way, as the psychological underpins the literal, the physical, the worldly manifestation. When examined in this way a trigram reveals more of its meaning and therefore provides insight into possible eventualities and can help guide through the enormous complex challenges we are being faced with personally and collectively.

It may also reveal a curious anomaly that exists in the interpretations of the Kua Numbers / Flying Stars in that many of the classical I Ching texts do not make any mention of ‘health and obstacles’ being associated with the meaning of the Earth Trigram. Where does this inference come from?

In the context of reading the text as a psychological narrative what insight can the Kua Number 2, the theme of ‘health’ reveal regarding implications for the next year? In a holistic context we can broadly infer ‘health’ is the alignment of body and soul, heart and mind, outer circumstances and inner tensions and energies, the right brain and the left brain etc. In contrast Illness can seen to be the call (of the divine) that there was a split between the body and the spirit, the mind and the body, a inner underlying energetic dysfunction or tension of some kind that then manifests in form

Another way of saying this is a health concern or illness is a manifestation of a tension of elements / energies at a deeper level. An illness or any imbalanced worldly state can be seen to be a symptom of a much deeper energetic dynamic, either emotional, psychological or even spiritual, that requires resolution. The ancient Greeks infer ‘When the soul is not nourished or attended to it speaks through illness and disease’. What deeper urges and impulses have been neglected and need attention?

And here I feel we get to the essence of the Earth Trigram.

To understand and bring resolution to an external issue whether a health concern, challenging circumstance or crisis, we must examine the internal condition of which the external is a function. A shift of awareness is required from externality to begin an internal journey, a transition if you will, to examine and explore our inner psychology.

We move from the known to the unknown, the light to the dark, into the mystery. The journey of the soul, a more challenging, however empowering shift. Health, again according the Greeks, is about ‘feminine wisdom’. Here we establish the association of ‘health’ to the primal feminine Trigram of Earth, the Mother

This theme is in accord with the evolution of awareness of the current time and central also the age of 8, the Mountain archetype. There are numerous books and references to this now available and I’m sure familiar to all.

The 2 invites an inner transition into a deeper place of understanding, meaning and centeredness and with regard to all aspects of health, wholeness, wellbeing and the fulfillment of ones potentiality. A place of deeper understanding and realization which becomes a place of internal reference. Therein lies the possibility of resolution of tensions of which the external challenges and circumstances are a reflection

This requires a shift in perspective from cause to responsibility. In a creative Universe, an external circumstance is exactly a reflection of an internal state of consciousness. With reference to Feng Shui we can also infer that a building and / or a Flying Star 2 does not cause ill health, but is exactly representative and in accord with, ones internal state. A building is an exact reflection of the occupant’s state of consciousness

This approach contrasts to the modern context where health is secularized, often implicating a certain panacea to alleviate ones ills, discomforts and pains. I feel at times Feng Shui also falls into this domain, where rather than examine the circumstances and conditions of ones life as reflected by the building, we immediately seek a remedy or a formula to alleviate the difficulty. Perhaps we can ask ‘what is the discontent and challenge experienced by the occupant a symptom of?’, and explore it. What personal needs and desires are calling for attention? And we have the Flying Star chart as well as the personal astrological chart to guide this process. This can thereby begin an inner journey into the deep myriad of the complexity of the human psyche that many are being challenged and compelled to as again it is a central theme of the governing Mountain Trigram of the current era

It’s also interesting that the Earth Trigram resembles 2 Pillars. This symbolic image, like a gateway, asks for the transition, often from the known to the unknown, from one state to another. As one of the primary trigrams, the other being Heaven, the signal is very poignant and 2016 will be another year of opportunity to advance in the unfoldment of the inner journey toward the potentiality inferred by the 8, the Mountain archetype. The current transit of Jupiter, the Grand Duke, through the sign of Virgo, one of the signals of health in the Western Astrological Zodiac also is in accord with this theme


© Vic Ketis, November 2015


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