Article by Derelle Ball

The Year of the Bing Shen (Fire Monkey) begins on 8 February 2016 (according to the Lunar Calendar) and on 4 February 2016, (according to the Solar HSIA Calendar).  The Lunar Calendar is used for traditional Chinese New Year celebrations, however keep in mind, the Solar Calendar is used when calculating the Feng Shui of the year and 4 Pillars/BaZi Astrology for individuals.

Traditionally, it is considered good luck to greet people on the first day of the Chinese New Year with a friendly “Happy New Year”, or “Kung Hei Fat Choy (Gong Xi Fa Cai)”, which means “congratulations on getting rich”.

2016 marks the beginning of a Metal element cycle.  The year pillar energy of 2016 is Yang Fire sitting on Yang Metal, with hidden Metal, Earth and Water elements.  The combination of Yang Fire sitting on the Yang Metal qi of the Monkey branch indicates a year connected with scholastic accomplishment, enhanced curiosity leading to problem solving and taking the initiative to get things done.

The Banking industry relates to Metal and some Fire element is needed to enhance investor confidence and also melt and mould the Metal in order to produce useful tools and strategies for enhanced investments.  Achieving the right balance of Metal and Fire is the tricky part!

The Shen/Monkey energy supports achievement via passionate inspiration and a pioneering spirit.  It was during a previous Fire Monkey year in 1776 that the US made its Declaration of Independence.

The Fire Monkey energy can also influence the control/manipulation of others via religious dogma and subtle/intentional deception via ‘tricksters’ and quick witted schemers.  Many assassinations and assassination attempts have previously occurred during Monkey years, for example, the assassination of President John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, Japanese Prime Minister Inukai Tsuyoshi, the Shah of Persia, The Bloody Sunday IRA assassinations, the assassination of the Prime Minister of Azerbaijan in connection to the Armenian genocide and the failed assassination attempt of Adolf Hitler.

The Monkey is a travelling star qi, thus connecting with tourism.  When it combines with its polar opposite (the Tiger), these energies can stimulate problematic issues and potential accidents connected with long distance travel.  Generally speaking, it is wise to be extra safety conscious when driving and regularly keeping up with safety checks and maintenance for your brakes and tyres etc in 2016.  Also, DO NOT drive when angry or emotionally distressed.

If you happen to have Tiger or Monkey showing in the earthly branches of your personal 4 Pillars chart (in the Hour, Day, Month or Year stem), then it can be helpful to wear a Snake pendant and/or keep an image representing the Snake and positive health qi close to you during 2016.

Generally speaking, the Caduceus symbol (showing opposite), is a very positive and protective symbol to keep in your wallet or purse, beside your bed and on your work/study desk this year.

Jupiter’s presence in Virgo for the first ¾ of the year highlights an increased probability of medical advances connected with alternative medicine and better procedures/screening equipment, service to others via charity and volunteer work and power via the written word.

The annual 2 Black resides in the centre of the Luo Shu in 2016 and this indicates health-related issues connected with inflammation and contagion coming to the fore.  It can be helpful to keep an organic or brass gourd with a hole cut into the top half of the gourd and/or an empty metallic gourd-shaped vase near the centre of your home and business to help draw in and partially contain the illness qi that attaches itself to the annual 2 Black.

Interestingly, when the 2 qi is balanced and harmonious it can also link to nurturing ‘Living Mother’ qi and this highlights the likelihood of more alternative/natural forms of healing practices emerging in relation to the influence of ‘Mother Earth.’

The annual 8 White qi will affect the SW sector which ties in with the Matriarch/Mother, so luck potential (and in my personal opinion, one key ability to tap into healing qi in 2016) ties in closely with paying homage to, looking after and connecting with Mother Earth.

The annual Tai Sui qi will reside in Shen which affects a third of the SW sector (closest to where SW meets West), and if this location is disturbed via excavation or renovation, then financial misfortune and/or potential illness in connection to fertility, reproduction and the abdominal area in general is more likely to occur.  So, while it is great to activate the qi of the annual 8 White in the SW sector via regular movement and activity, renovation and excavation in 2016, you also need to be careful to avoid disturbing the Tai Sui qi within the SW sector.

Apart from the Tai Sui location covering a third of the SW sector, the other areas to avoid renovation/excavations from 4 Feb 2016 until 3 Feb 2017 are the South and Northeast sectors which will be affected by the annual Sarm Sart, Sui Po and 5 Yellow qi.

If you find your Luck potential has taken a significant nose dive during the Bing Shen year, then one strategy to help bring Luck back on your side is to activate the annual Dragon Virtue qi in Mao, which corresponds with the centre of the East sector.  This can be in the form of gentle renovation or excavation (eg drilling, sanding, painting etc).  The combination of the annual Dragon Virtue and the annual 9 Purple qi in the East sector in 2016 will enhance creative intelligence and intuitive problem solving.

Luck is basically Labour Under Correct Knowledge.  So, activating qi in areas affected by positive annual energy can be very helpful, while the reverse also applies.  You just need to have the right knowledge!

And while we’re on the subject of Luck, it’s important to also understand Luck is only a positive potential that happens to be present at a particular time and place.  It’s still up to you to activate the Luck potential by taking decisive action with decisive intent at the right time in the right place.

For example, the Goat individual generally has better access to tapping into increased abundance opportunity in 2016 compared to 2015, however if they stick their head in the sand and refuse to take action on the opportunity, then it is opportunity wasted.

My advice to Goat individuals for 2016 is to be courageous and put yourself out there as long as you have also done your homework and due diligence ahead of time.  It’s OK to admit you are feeling a bit nervous in relation to the initiation of a new project, however if you are adequately prepared and have done your research, then you should counter your nervousness with the fact you are also passionately excited because you can clearly see the opportunity at hand and ways in which to benefit via specific tools and strategies.

Generally speaking, the Horse individual is more likely to be champing at the bit in 2016 and will need to be cautious of allowing rebellious impulsiveness to negatively affect their relationships and projects.  They have good authoritative qi to tap into so being organised and adopting a disciplined approach will help clear the road ahead.

Monkey, Tiger and Ox individuals are likely to experience quite a lot of change in 2016, and this is likely to coincide with the effect of the eclipses that occur in March and September.  Adopting a generally conservative and compromising approach towards relationships and finances is recommended.  This will be a year to consolidate and plan ahead rather than take risks or go out on a financial limb.

Rooster individuals are likely to be making goo goo eyes at a current or new love interest and generally experiencing increased social activity in 2016.  This is because the Rooster/You qi in the West sector corresponds to the annual Peach Blossom/Romance qi as well as the annual 4 Green which can attract romance as well as supporting enhanced creativity, research and academic endeavours.

The Rat can make the most of 2016 by focusing on enhancing their communications (eg Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques) as well as adopting a collaborative team-based approach to important projects and relationships.

Rabbit individuals should declutter their home, mind and emotions very early in the year in order to make way for positive opportunities.  A lot will depend on your personal self-talk and focus.  If you are negatively focused, then confused emotion is likely to blinker you from recognising positive opportunity when it occurs.  Spending regular time developing a positive mind-set and working clearly towards positive aspirations will be hugely beneficial for you in 2016.

There will be opportunity for advancement for Dragon individuals in 2016, however they should also be careful to take note of the balance between home/family and work.  Finding the right balance will be crucial to how the year plays out for you.  No point accumulating a chest full of gold coins if there is nobody left to enjoy spending it with.  By all means, enjoy conquering the challenging adventures that are likely to crop up, but don’t let power corrupt you into forgetting your support network back home.

Snake individuals will have opportunity to do well in 2016 as long as they avoid indulging in excess – especially excess food and alcohol.  If you focus on establishing a regular health routine early in the year, then you are far more likely to reap additional benefits from the energy of the year.  Use the qi of the annual 1 White in the SE sector to tap into wisdom and increased intelligence and intuition.  You should also be extra security conscious this year with important belongings and documentation due to the influence of the annual Robbery Sha.

The key to successfully navigating 2016 for the Dog individual is to get super organised and financially prepared early in the year.  There will be delays and unexpected events to contend with (esp around January, May and September), so carefully double checking contractual agreements and knowing what you can and cannot afford to focus on will be very beneficial.  This also applies to potential new work opportunities.  Avoid gambling, going guarantor or loaning anyone money that you cannot afford to lose.  If you are financially organised and stick to a budget, then you will be able to make good use of positive opportunity when it strikes.

Boar individuals can tap into increased opportunity in 2016 via their charming, entrepreneurial nature and resourcefulness.  That being said, it’s also equally important to avoid getting involved in petty disputes that can lead into litigious issues.  Look for the compromise and ways in which to navigate a win/win scenario when dealing with difficult individuals and situations.