AFSC Code of Ethics & Duty of Care


The Association of Feng Shui Consultants (AFSC®) is an independent, non-profit organisation founded in 2005, run on a voluntary basis by a committee elected from the membership. We intend to inform and educate the public about Traditional Feng Shui and provide a list of consultants for their convenience.

AFSC® members are qualified Feng Shui professionals committed to the Association’s Code of Ethics. AFSC® membership denotes a commitment to professionalism and has been developed to maintain, support, educate and share the passion for Feng Shui.

Professional Conduct

Consultants who are members of the Association are not considered to be official spokespersons for the Association, nor can they act on behalf of the Association without prior consent. The Feng Shui Consultant is expected to continue to expand their Feng Shui knowledge and training as a part of their professional development. The Consultant will seek to further and support the professional development of Feng Shui. The Consultant will not defame other Association members.

Disciplinary Procedure

Professional members of AFSC® are subject to the disciplinary procedures of AFSC®. In the event of a complaint being referred to AFSC® regarding inappropriate professional conduct on the part of an AFSC® member, AFSC® reserves the right to investigate the complaint. The complaint will be dealt with thoroughly and impartially. If AFSC® finds against the consultant, AFSC® reserves the right to expel the consultant from the Association.

Duty of Care

Members of the AFSC® understand that in being a member they are bound to:

  • Maintain the highest standard of Feng Shui in Australia.
  • When working on behalf of a client, advice shall be carefully, professionally and impartially given so the client understands the implications.
  • Treat the client with the utmost respect, honesty and professionalism.
  • Members who are consultants are expected to undertake continuing professional development, and to ensure their competence does not fall below professional standards.
  • The Consultant will know the potential power of Feng Shui and use this with respect for their client and not for personal gain.
  • The Consultant will know their limitations and shall not provide advice beyond their level of capability.
  • Act with honesty, integrity and responsibility.
  • Ensure that they are medically, physically and psychologically fit to practice Feng Shui.
  • Use only the skills in which the consultant is competently trained and certified.
  • Ensure client confidentiality and privacy at all times.
  • Never criticise a Practitioner in the presence of the client.

Upon being found to be in breach of the Rules of the Association and/or Code of Ethics and/or Code of Practice the member will voluntarily surrender and return all membership certificates and Code of Ethics upon request from the Association and cease to use the AFSC® logo on their advertising material and website.

The Association recognises that other disciplines, therapies and practices can be complementary to Feng Shui, but are outside the context of this Code.

The Association requests members should use the AFSC® logo responsibly and in accordance with copyright laws.

Consultants should not make unfounded claims or implications about their own training, ability or experience and shall not seek to attract business unfairly, immorally, unprofessionally or in any way which would discredit Feng Shui or the Association.

Upon joining, Professional Members of the AFSC® are required to read, comply and abide by the Duty of Care and Code of Ethics.

(Above is an abridgement of the AFSC®’s Code of Ethics and Duty of Care. Full version below.)

AFSC® Code of Ethics

Making A Complaint to the AFSC®

In the unlikely event that a client, or member of the public, or a member of the AFSC® wishes to make a compliant to the AFSC® about one of our members, the person may lodge a complaint in writing to the AFSC® and the Committee will review the matter in a fair and responsible manner and respond to the complainant. Where deemed necessary and appropriate, the Committee will appoint an independent, unbiased person from outside the Association to adjucate a complaint.

The AFSC® deems particularly important, the status and competence of Accredited Feng Shui Consultants AFSC® as being capable of a high level of membership and ethical behaviour.