History of the AFSC


AFSC® welcomes Marama Haggie as our new Newsletter Editor.
AFSC® farewells President Jodi Brunner, Treasurer Kylie Egan, and committee member Linda Brinckman; we thank them for their years of service (Jodi is continuing to work in the background for the committee for a while longer). We welcome George Bennis as our new President and welcome back to the committee, Carolyn McCallum as our new Vice President.


AFSC® commences amendments to the Constitution of the FSSA. A work in progress. The AFSC® also merged members of the FENG SHUI network (FSN) into its membership and adopts the Constitution of the Feng Shui Society of Australia (FSSA). Both of these venerable, long-standing organisations, in respecting the work achieved thus far by the AFSC® willingly offered to assist in expanding the AFSC® and we thank them for their contributions.
AFSC® farewells Committee Members Kerri Rodley, Secretary, who is off to the US; Edgar Yung, Education Co-Ordinator, who has a very busy consultancy; Rob Brown, Media, Marketing and Communications Manager who was very helpful sending out thank-you letters to participants at our conference; Andre Bendl, General Committee Member, a Doctor with a busy medical practice in Brazil. We thank them for their service on the Committee.

AFSC® Committee Members unanimously vote that we will furthermore only accept traditional Feng Shui consultants as members. For those who practice BTB/Black Hat solely, they may apply to the IFSG for membership.

Derelle Ball joins the AFSC® Committee as our Education Co-ordinator.

With many new Training Institutes applying for membership, the AFSC® Committee engages in heated discussions on ‘What Constitutes a Core Feng Shui Subject’ in preparation for the rollout of the higher status level Accredited Feng Shui Consultant member. Read the results of our discussions here: Core Feng Shui Topics and Complementary Subjects.
6th AFSC® AGM, Conference & Workshop, Radisson Hotel, Gold Coast, Queensland. Committee Members elected: Jodi Brunner, President; George Bennis, Vice President; Kerri Rodley, Secretary; Kylie Egan, Treasurer; Ana Brandao, Membership Secretary; Edgar Yung, Education Co-Ordinator; Rob Brown, Media, Marketing and Communications Manager; Andre Bendl & Lizette Akouri, General Committee Members.
AFSC® launches new website supported by mysql member database originally developed by the FSN and many new features including members login area, forum and archives. Membership Levels change from Platinum, Gold, Silver and Student to Student, Professional, Accredited Feng Shui Consultant, Accredited Feng Shui Master, Corporate Member: Training Institute Feng Shui and Complementary, Corporate Member: Corporation, Corporate Member: Supplier. Also adopted from the FSN is the Continuing Professional Development programme. A new, more detailed and rigorous Code of Ethics is also introduced.
Official handover of FSSA to AFSC® by President Howard Choy, witnessed by AFSC® President Jodi Brunner.


5th AFSC® AGM and 2nd Conference held at Jasper Hotel, Melbourne. Committee elected: President Jodi Brunner, Vice President Fen Ingersole, Secretary Amanda Woods, Treasurer Carolyn McCallum, Ordinary Members Edgar Yung.


3rd AFSC® AGM and 1st AFSC® Conference was held The Gallery Room, Kirribilli Neighbourhood Centre, Sydney.
The FSN introduced an initiative to encourage excellence in the industry, the Continuing Professional Development programme.


1st AFSC® AGM was held at ACES Box Hill, Melbourne and elected President, Elizabeth Wiggins, Vice President, Jude Moar, General Committee Members.


6th FSN Annual Conference, Canberra.


3rd FSN Annual Conference, Canberra.


1st FSN Annual Conference, Chinese Museum, Melbourne.


The FSSA was founded in Sydney, NSW after a visit to Australia by Feng Shui author William Spear. First President: Bob Coe


AFSC® farewells Dr Ana Brandao who has worked tirelessley for the committee the past three years as Membership Secretary and then General Committee Member.
Linda Brinckman joins the AFSC® Committee as a General Committee Member. Derelle Ball resigns as Education Co-ordinator, thanks Derelle for all your help and great advice!
8th AFSC® AGM, Conference & Workshop held in Melbourne, Victoria at the Jasper Hotel. Committee elected: President Jodi Brunner, Vice President George Bennis, Secretary Natasha Watkins, Treasurer Kylie Egan, Membership Co-ordinator Theresa Graham, Education Co-ordinator Derelle Ball, Corporate Manager (n/a), General Committee Members Lizette Akouri and Dr Ana Brandao.
Natasha Watkins joins the AFSC® Committee as our Secretary.
AFSC® hosts our Inaugural Excellence Awards.


IP Australia recognises the acronym AFSC® as a Registered Trademark ® following application submitted in 2010 by President Liz Wiggins.
6th AFSC® AGM, Conference & Workshop held at Parkroyal Darling Harbour in Sydney, NSW. Committee elected: President Jodi Brunner, Vice President Fen Ingersole, Secretary Kerri Rodley, Treasurer Gina Clanfield, Membership Secretary Suzanne Phoenix, General Committee Members Anthony Ashworth, Edgar (Lok Tin) Yung and Sally Kelemete.
AFSC® becomes a founding member of the Global Feng Shui Alliance, together with the Feng Shui Society (UK) and the International Feng Shui Guild (USA).


4th AFSC® AGM and Conference was held at Hotel Y, Melbourne.


2nd AFSC® AGM held at Footscray Community Arts Centre, Melbourne. Committee elected: President, Elizabeth Wiggins, Vice president Judy Moar, Treasurer Janene Laird, Secretary Katina Benis, General Committee Members Coral Dibella, Michelle Frencham & Jane Dempster-Smith.


The AFSC® was registered as a non-profit incorporated association in New South Wales, Australia by Elizabeth Wiggins, Judy Moar, Anjela Wong, Nicole Bijlsma and Meredith Graham.


5th FSN Annual Conference, Canberra.
4th FSN Annual Conference, Adelaide, South Australia.


2nd FSN Annual Conference, Saville Hotel, Melbourne.


November 1998

The FSN was founded by Jodi Brunner in Melbourne, Australia as an ‘International network of Feng Shui practitioners and all those interested in Feng Shui and environmental issues’ with the mission of ‘Advancing Global Geomancy.’