In BaZi the prosperity could be represented in various ways. Here let us focus on how the Wealth Qi moves through the chart, and how it enables the Day Master (DM) to take the shortest path to financial success.

When we are assessing the Wealth capacity, a number of points should be considered, such as where does the Wealth Qi originate from? What is the polarity of the element producing it? Is it positive or negative? How does it interact with the incoming Qi of the Luck Pillars and the Annual Pillar?

For example, if the Direct Wealth (DW) is produced by the Eating God (EG), the volume of income could be modest, as it is generated by someone who goes to work to be paid. However, if it is the Hurting Officer (HO) which produces the Indirect Wealth (IW), the prosperity could come and go. It could derive from an unusual business activity, ranging from being an artist to being a gambler or a drug dealer.

Checking the Qi flow anticlockwise would give us an idea about which one it is. If the HO is produced by the Rob Wealth (RW), the prosperity in the chart may well be of a semi legal nature. The likelihood of this could be confirmed by tracing the origins of the Self element as well. Does it have the Resource to support it? Does the Self derive from the Direct (DR) or Indirect Resource (IR)? Is it positive or negative?

Let us assume that we see that the RW is produced by the IR. The owner of the chart would be interested in hidden knowledge and would be driven to unusual ways of generating wealth. If it is represented by the negative element, the chances of breaking the law could be high. The next step is to look into the origins of the Resource. If the IR is supported by the 7 Killings (7K), which is in turn supported by the IW, the owner of the chart is likely not only to engage into some form of illegal activity, but also to get caught. In theory, this is a structure of a professional criminal. Let us not get into the conclusions though. This is only a possibility.

How about if the 7K was generated by the DW? This DM could be a ‘wrong time wrong place’ person, who means well, but would get in trouble with the law nonetheless.

In addition to analysing the Qi flow, the actual element representing Wealth should also be taken into account. Understanding how the nature of the Wealth element relates to the DM can show us where the treasure box is located. Let us see in the following examples how different the paths to prosperity could be.

The Metal element is the most direct representation of wealth, as this is what the money is made from. However, a precious metal in nature is not something which comes readily available. It is a result of transformation. Thus, for the Fire DM, it is its transforming power which can generate wealth. The Fire Self has to work hard to create something useful, exposing itself to danger of being extinguished in a process.

The Earth DM has a slightly easier task. Making wealth in this case is a matter of strategy, as much as being patient. As the Water is always on the go, the Earth is there to guide it in a right direction, so that it can be collected. It is in the Earth’s nature to be a collector, as it perfectly suits its temperament. What’s the rush anyway? Long term investments in shares, antiques and jewellery, etc. could bring a great prosperity to the Earth DM.

The Wood as the Wealth for the Metal DM has a sacrificial character. It is there to be chopped, collected and consumed. Chopping Wood for Metal is a test in usefulness. Am I sharp enough? Am I fast? Am I strong? Fit for a purpose, the Metal Day Master would always worry about the next move. Anxiety is a part of the Wealth creation for the Metal Self, who is a perfectionist. Being involved in Wood industries (education, fashion, environment etc.) could lead the Metal DM to its financial prosperity.

Direct Wealth or Indirect, negative or positive, strong or weak, it is still wealth, and we know that as far as the money is concerned, something is better than nothing. If the Wealth element is missing in the Four Pillars, we need to look into the hidden stems. If there is nothing there either, let us not worry, the Wealth Qi will come sooner or later in the luck, annual or monthly pillars.

The prosperity in a chart, and in life is generated not only by what we produce, but also by the way we think and by what we believe in. Taking the right path just makes things easier.

Anna Zarasyan PhD