An Accredited Feng Shui Consultant AFSC® who has participated in the CPD programme for minimum 12 months and been active in the industry as a Feng Shui consultant for a minimum of 10 years is eligible to apply for the status of Accredited Feng Shui Master AFSC®. This is the highest level of membership and the applicant must sit a written and oral examination with the Board of Examiners.

They are official voting members of the AFSC® and have access to the Members Area.

They may use the title, Accredited Feng Shui Master AFSC® or Accredited Feng Shui Master & Professional Member AFSC®. This is a lifetime title, provided they remain a Professional Member of the AFSC®.

Accredited Feng Shui Masters AFSC® are listed by name in the List of AFSC® Professional Members, in the dedicated list of Accredited Feng Shui Masters AFSC® and by priority listing in the Members Directory.

  • Application fee is a non-refundable $688.
  • If the applicant passes the examination they are awarded the prestigious title Accredited Feng Shui Master AFSC®. Should the applicant fail the examination, they will be allowed to re-sit another two times with no fee owing.
  • Annual fee is $166 (Professional Member & Accredited Consultant fees)