An AFSC® member who has rendered some exceptional service to the AFSC® for which the AFSC® is extremely grateful, and demonstrated a high level of contribution to the AFSC® may be awarded the title of Honorary Member and given free membership status for one year by the committee.

AFSC® Committee Members who have actively shown great service to the AFSC® over the course of the year are awarded the status of Honorary Member for the year after each full year term of office on the committee in recognition of their service to the AFSC®, at the discretion of the President.

Winners of AFSC® Excellence Awards in specific categories and other special prizewinners are also eligible for Honorary Member status.

Honorary Members are listed on the Honorary Members page of the website, in the newsletter and to all members as a person of note by the AFSC®.

Honorary Members and Honorary Life Members are voting members of the AFSC® and have access to the Members Area.