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    Ian Cole
    AFSC ® Professional Member

    ‘Be in the right place all the time’

    Ian provides Feng Shui solutions for everyone
    through their buildings & spaces and in particular
    their indivdual homes & gardens .

    Ian also provides the added benefits of being a practicing
    Architect & Landscape Architect and accordingly
    has that extra special interest in helping the client
    achieve exellence in design which has it's own special
    'Chi' that further enhances and energise client's
    spaces & hence their lives .

    Ian has been practicing Feng Shui since 1996 & studied under various Feng Shui Masters & Teachers and is a qualified consultant of Feng Shui , Geomancy , Dowsing , Space Clearing etc .

    Ian has always had a passion to understand how our human energies work and along the way as well as Feng Shui study and training has done "Alpha " training , "fire walking", attended all the main Robert Kiosaki seminars & courses as well as attending NLP training , Psych-K training, Hypnotherapy training and other professional development courses etc.

    Ian can provide the following services :

    General Feng Shui consultations & advice
    Feng Shui site consultations - Identifying issues
    - Recommending practical solutions
    - Providing a written report
    - Providing a Guide for Feng Shui maintenance
    - Providing follow up & backup
    Feng Shui analysis of building plans plans & garden plans
    - Identifying issues
    - Recommending changes
    Architecture and Landscape Architecture services

    Feng Shui Architecture
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    03 95927312
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    Feng Shui Seminars - Roger Green