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    Nineta De ciccia
    AFSC ® Professional Member

    Feng Shui Training with Australian and International masters in:
    * Annual Stars
    * Compass School
    * Form School
    * Luo Pan
    * Xuan Kong Fei Xing - Flying Stars
    * EMF | EHS ( Electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome)

    Through training with a variety of teachers and approaches, she has gathered a holistic understanding of many forms and influences in Feng shui
    [such as ACES College, George Bennis, (AUS) Kartar Diamond (USA), Jampa Ludrup (Buddhist master) & Chinese metaphysics]
    A bachelor degree in Health science underpins her understanding of the environmental impacts on human health.

    She is able to simplify the complexity and apply Feng Shui to current design trends in a manner that is integrative & non-obtrusive to the integrity of the architecture. A critical focus of her work is maintaining the aesthetics, but enhancing the health impact of interiors, from both a physical and subtle-energy level.

    BHSc(CM). Ad.D Acu., Dip. Interior Design.
    Professional Feng Shui & Design Consultant
    Located in Adelaide.

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    08 72211600
    South Australia
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