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    My interest in alternate therapies has spanned for more than 20 years. Starting from Astrology, Rune & Spiritual card readings with girlfriends. It then branched out into Yoga, Massage & Reflexology through to obtaining my Reiki I qualification & diploma in Professional Counselling.

    Through exploring these interests, there was one subject that resonated with me more than others. Feng Shui, a subject I knew at the time had something special out it. I played with and researched Feng Shui to a point where I felt a need to do more with it, rather than just being an interest or hobby. Feng Shui had become more than just the correct placement of furniture.

    Feng Shui became a solution to health issues, relationship problems, finance and overall happiness.

    From understanding the real meaning of Modern Day Feng Shui, which incorporates into its analysis;

    •Feng Shui – Flying Star method
    •Geobiology - Geopathic Stress
    •Sick Building Syndrome
    •Sacred Space,

    We have a better chance of correcting chronic illnesses, improving health and overall wellbeing. For it is the unseen energies we too easily dismiss, usually from lack of awareness, that can cause the most dramatic effects.

    I decided to become a Feng Shui consultant and have completed my Certificate IV in Feng Shui, through the Australian College of Environmental Studies, with the above subjects being covered so I can further promote healthy solutions that will benefit all.

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