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Feng Shui & Wealth

by Terri Rew

Have you ever considered why two family members, say brothers, or two friends who attended the same school and received a similar education, maintaining similar views on life and even sharing friends, end up leading such diverse financial lives?

One person has the Midas touch while the other struggles and complains of being broke all the time.

Is it just bad money management?  Or is it feng shui playing its hand on them?

In China there is a saying:  

“First is a man’s destiny.

Second is his luck.

Third is his feng shui.

Fourth is his virtue.

And fifth is his knowledge.”

These are the five dynamics of life and wealth.


The Macquarie Dictionary defines destiny as:  That which is to happen to a particular person or thing.  One’s lot or fortune.  The predetermined course of events.

If there is such a thing as destiny, our life may be mapped out for us.  But what occurs along life’s path will have a bigger or smaller impact on us according to the way we react and act in response to these events.  An example is winning the lottery.  Another person’s destiny may be to spend it wisely, thereby changing their life path to a wealthier one.  Another may spend carelessly and end up broke in five years, thus returning to the same kind of life.


That which happens to a person, either good or bad, as if by chance, in the course of events.  The Chinese consider luck to be an energy which can be enhanced with feng shui.  For example, sometimes people act on their intuition and find themselves in the right place at the right time.


Literally means wind and water.

Feng Shui is about holding chi (energy) and making it work for you in a positive way. It is being in the correct energy pattern or circumstance that’s arranged in a way suitable to your taste and allows you to live harmoniously within the universe.

When you walk into a building and like what you see and feel, you are experiencing feng shui at work.


Moral excellence or goodness.

Integrity plays an essential role in feng shui.  If a person’s intent is virtuous, good will come of it.  You can sense a person’s lack of integrity.  It shows on their face, in their actions, their words and lifestyle.  You cannot escape the energy pattern you project for all to see.  And you reap what you sow.

For example, a person may have had the good luck, or destiny, to become wealthy in the first place.  However, if living the wealthy lifestyle leads to loss of integrity and virtue, that person’s future luck and destiny may diminish.


The fact or state of knowing, perception of fact or truth.  Clear and certain mental apprehension.  The state of being aware.

When you are aware of the above four dynamics, using knowledge to improve your life will enhance the skills and talents you were born with.  For example, people who practise yoga, tai chi, qi-gong or similar disciplines have an inner peace and awareness about them; they appear to have the ability to follow their life path more clearly.

Everybody wants wealth in their life to some degree, whether it is to merely pay the bills or to live an opulent lifestyle.  Either way, the importance lies in how you achieve your wealth.

Wealth and lifestyle can be enhanced through virtue and good intent.  Therefore, if followed correctly, the following feng shui tips to enhance your wealth may help improve your life generally.


Earn money and spend it wisely.  It’s said that if you tithe a little money to a worthwhile charity regularly, you will receive it back one hundredfold.

I know this to be true in my life.  Years ago, I attended an institution that had an area where you could donate money.  I was informed if I donated money to this or any other charity I would receive it back one hundredfold.

I was broke but I donated money I could not afford.  In hindsight, prosperity has knocked on my door many times since donating that money.  I still donate money to what I consider worthwhile charities.  I prefer not to think about what I’ll get from it but what good the money is doing.


First, let’s look at the house we live in.  As we saw in an earlier chapter, the bagua is a grid you can superimpose over the floorplan of your house to locate the life representations of wealth, fame, relationships, children and creativity, helpful people, career, knowledge, health and family.  For now we are concentrating on the wealth area.

Stand at your front door looking inwards and place the bagua on the floor.  Imagine the grid stretched out over the entire area of the house.  The wealth are is in the far left-hand corner of the grid

The front door enters through the knowledge, career or helpful people sector.  It does not matter where your front door is on your property, you always place the bagua with helpful people, knowledge and career at the front.+

If you live in an L-shaped house with the wealth sector missing, you will need to remedy it immediately.  This is done by squaring off the area.

Cure 1:  Stand at the missing corner (see illustration).  Face wall one.  Clasp palms together with fingers pointing towards wall one and pretend you are drawing an invisible line from wall one to your feet.  Then face wall two and repeat the procedure.

Ground the energy by placing a statue or heavy pot with a plant in it on the spot where you are standing.  Hang a wealth ball* either on the statue or on the pot.

Cure 2:  Install a spotlight in the missing corner and shine it up at the house.  Leave it switched on for a couple of hours daily until a change in your wealth occurs.

Cure 3:  A gazebo, tree or group of shrubs in the missing corner will help wealth improve.  Remember to include the wealth ball.

Cure 4:  If the metaphysical squaring falls into a driveway or walkway, draw a red dot in chalk on the pavement for a month.  If wealth improves, paint it on.


The flying star has a big impact on our wealth.  Flying star is energy moving in time and space, which is measurable in any building, including our homes.  Like people, buildings have their own energy pattern.  This pattern interacts with our own personal energy pattern and feng shui.

Sounds complicated, and it is!  If the flying star of the house we live in is inauspicious, depending on our destiny, virtue, luck, feng shui and knowledge, it will have an effect on us.

If you wish to know more about ht eflying star pattern of your home or workplace, you will need to consult a feng shui expert who practises flying star, the most complicated form of feng shui.



·        Wrap three gold coins in red paper and place under the base of a potplant in the loungeroom.

·        Hang a wealth ball from the ceiling in the wealth corner of the house.  Shine a light on it and keep fresh flowers on a table nearby.  Make sure this area is clean and uncluttered always.

·        On the table with the flowers, place an attractive glass jar and put three gold coins inside.  Write on a piece of paper what you want to achieve with this money and put it in the jar.  Every day, add another three gold coins to the jar.  When the jar is full, empty it except for three coins and bank the money in an account you cannot easily withdraw from.  Under no circumstance whatsoever should you borrow or spend money from the jar!  If you do, you will dissipate the energy.  You can add more money to the jar, but do it in lots of three coins each time.

·        Keep your wealth sector bright and cheery always.  Light encourages positive chi.


·        Never leave your toilet lid up and the door open.  This is a yin are and could drain occupants’ vitality and wealth down the bowl.  Besides, it just doesn’t feel right.

·        Do not let taps drip.  Fix immediately.  Any dripping tap means a slow drain on resources.

·        Don’t leave other wet-area doors open to the rest of the house.  Remember wet area are yin areas.  Yin is associated with stillness, density, death and darkness.  It is not a negative energy.  People have a yang (active, light, lively) quality, so bathrooms, laundries and toilets absorb our yang energy.


If the front door is directly in line with the back door or a window, your house is not helping your finances.  Healthy chi and wealth may rush through and sail straight out again.

The same is true if you open the front door to be greeted by a mirror, wall or barrier.  More that likely, chi will enter and bounce out again.  The secret lies in attracting chi into the house and helping it to circulate in a harmonious fashion.

The natural movement of chi is circular and curved.  When chi meanders in this way, the house looks and feels good.  You then respond to the beneficial effects of well-circulated chi.  In turn, you feel clear-headed, positive and energetic.  Negative, or sha, chi flowing in long, straight lines is too forceful.  It rushes straight through.  So front-door/back-door alignment is a very unfortunate feature in any house.


A barrier such as a screen is beneficial when it slows down chi, enabling it to meander and circulate evenly throughout.  This is one cure for a front-door/back-door alignment.  Beaded curtains on the back door are another good solution.  A table with a flower arrangement or plant, placed in front of or near the back door is another alternative.

Archways are excellent feng shui.  Hang a round, faceted crystal ball in the centre of the arch.  This disperses vital chi.

Hang bright, happy and inviting pictures on blank walls.  Make the first thing you see in your home say ‘welcome home’ each time you enter.

Examine your life.  Observe your own actions and how you relate to others.  Are you a virtuous and honourable person?  Do you have good luck?  Is there room for improvement?  Only you can answer these questions.

Whatever your current situation, pay attention to the five dynamics of wealth.  In the future, you may be able to look back and feel reassured you do live in a virtuous – and wealthy – life.  

* wealth ball & Easy Feng Shui magazine are available from the FENG SHUI network website – see PRODUCTS

+ (There are two methods of applying the Bagua, this method is using the Black Hat Sect system of Feng Shui.  The second method is using the compass directions method, the wealth sector is in the South East of the building.)

by Terri Rew

From the magazine - Easy Feng Shui in Practice (pp.74-77)